Contemporary Music for All
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Welcome at CoMAMaastricht

CoMA stands for Contemporary Music for All. While nowadays many people view it as a matter of course to occupy themselves with contemporary literature, theatre and visual arts, this does not appear to be the case where contemporary music is concerned.

CoMAMaastricht aims to provide an impulse towards making up for this lost ground in the music world. What better way to achieve this than by giving amateur musicians the opportunity to experience the excitement and pleasure of playing contemporary music? Therefore CoMAMaastricht organises on a regularly basis so called Allcomers Events for amateur musicians (from beginning to advanced players and for every instrument). There is also a CoMAMaastricht Ensemble which rehearses every month and gives performances on a regularly basis, also at CoMA events abroad.

The majority of the music used consists of so called open score compositions. These are suitable for ensembles of different size and composition. CoMAMaastricht is also intensifying the collaboration with composers and challenges them to write (open score) music, playable by amateur musicians.