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Anniversary Concert March 12th: In Vogelvlucht

Reservation, location and time

Start Concert: 16 hrs

Location: Intro in Situ@AINSI Lage Kanaaldijk 113B  6212 NA Maastricht

Tickets for the concert à €12,50 (till the age of 18 free) can be reserved directly via the  Intro in situ website.

Unfortunately we had to cancel the excursion.

Information on the ensemble and the programme

The ensemble

More than a year after the establishment of CoMAMaastricht as an organisation, the CoMAMaastricht Ensemble started. Eight enthusiastic amateur musicians, under the inspiring leadership of Txemi Etxebarria, devoted themselves to contemporary compositions, specially written for amateurs and for an ensemble with a flexible composition. We received a lot of support, advice and sheet music from our English colleagues, who have been active since 1993. In the years that followed, the ensemble gave various concerts at home and abroad, including London and Berlin. The members also participated in the many smaller and larger activities that CoMAMaastricht itself (co-)organised, such as the Festival Finnissy for All in 2016, the Festival Peper in je Oor in Eindhoven in 2020 and recently the Festival Nieuwe Noten.

Over the years, the ensemble regularly changed composition and grew steadily to the current line-up of twenty musicians. An important constant factor was and is our enthusiastic conductor Txemi Etxebarria. And thanks to the concept of 'Open Score' music – being written for flexible ensemble - we were always able to continue on the path taken. We are therefore very proud that we can now present ourselves to you in a full anniversary concert. Special about this concert is that almost all the works performed were either written especially for the CoMAMaastricht Ensemble, or were the result of CoMAMaastricht initiatives, such as the Composition Competition in the context of the Festival Nieuwe Noten.

The programme

In Vogelvlucht (A Birds Eye View)

Wim Henderickx                     -           Fanfare

Zaki Hagins                              -           Open

Ola Gjeilo                                -           Northern Lights (arr. T.Etxebarria)

Txemi Etxebarria                    -           Madagaskar (uit Four Islands)

Joanna Bailie                           -           Hildegardstrasse/Bundesallee


Felipe Hoyos-Gonzalez            -           Portrait of the Birds**

Tineke Lemmens                     -           No Major Issue

Anton Weeren                        -           The Guy in the Glass (dank aan Orlando Festival)

Wilma Pistorius                       -           IKaggen

Mark Hendriks                        -           The Miraculous World of Hiëronymus Bosch


** In a novel performance for CoMA Maastricht, Plinio will provide the ensemble with a visual storytelling of 'Portrait of the Birds' by Felipe Hoyos-Gonzáles.Plinio is an interdisciplinary artist active in the Netherlands since 2016. Born in Brazil, he crossed the Atlantic at a very young age. He first got in touch with urban culture and street art in Dresden, Germany, and later established his own urban art collective in Lisbon, Portugal. With a background in graphic design, Plinio has later focused on what truly brings him joy: illustration and painting, and has done several exhibitions across Portugal, Germany and the Netherlands.