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Festival Nieuwe Noten

CoMAMaastricht was founded in November 2011. To celebrate the 10th Anniversary we organise the Festival Nieuwe Noten - Composing for and by All, that will take place on 1 October 2022. This will be our third festival, after the founding festival in 2011 and the 5th Anniversary festival in 2016.
Prior to the Festival Nieuwe Noten CoMAMaastricht organised an 'Open Score' composition contest among established and upcoming composers. The final of this contest will take place during the evening concert on the Festival Day (see finalists). The day itself will be devoted to Composing by All. A diversity of workshops will be offered in which participants can challenge their composing talents. As usual a Festival Ensemble and Festival Choir will also be formed. The day will end with a concert: first the final of the composition contest, next Ensemble88 will perform work of jury members, among others Michael Finnissy.
In our third festival we challenge everyone, both amateurs and professionals, to compose together. Go beyond your limits and discover what is possible by participating in one of the intriguing composition workshops. Would you prefer to play or sing together? Then join the Festival Ensemble or Festival Choir. Dutch Composer laureate Martin Fondse writes a new work for the Festival Ensemble. The Festival Choir will study newly written choir pieces from the CoMA Library. Finally, come and listen to the final of the 'Open Score' composition contest and the concert by Ensemble88.


  • Musicians on all instruments, from string and wind instruments to percussion, accordion, (electric) guitar, gamba, synthesizer, harmonica etc.
  • Singers
  • Composers
  • Listeners
  • Everyone from 5 years old


No specific level is required for the composition workshops. For the Festival Ensemble, you should be able to play your instrument, and to read notes and rhythms,at a basic level. For the Festival Choir being able to read music and some choral experience is an advantage, but not strictly required. So everyone is welcome!


For the festival day choose from one of the seven composition workshops, or enjoy playing in the Festival Ensemble or singing in the Festival Choir. All workshops are suitable for musicians and singers.